Questions when you choose products

A. Some of our products specialize in keeping skin looking young and supple no matter your age.

A. Our products will clean deeply and reduce and remove acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

A. Our products are completely safe and are made with the highest quality standards, thus assuring that every customer receives the best item possible.

A. Our products work with all skin types and present no danger to anybody.

Questions with Delivery

A. You can, and the fastest way to do so is to return the item and get a refund, then make a separate purchase for the new item.

A. You can unsubscribe to us by contacting customer service and we will personally remove you from the mailing list.

A. Yes! We ship all over the world with tracking services that allow you to locate your item.

A. We use DHL eCommerse, USPS and many other courier services depending on where you live.

Please visit our Shipping Policy

Shopping Policy

A. You can contact customer support on the Contact Us page on our website located on the upper left corner of the home page.

A. Shipping costs will vary depending on where you live and on what costs the delivery will incur at customs, any shipping costs at customs will be the responsibility of the customer and is not under our control.

A. Customs and postals may delay your order for various reasons and this is not under our control.

A. We will process your order within 2-4 business days and put it through a speedy shipping process. 


A. We accept paypal payments online.

A. Contact us immediately upon noticing damage or defect, and we will give you a return shipping label or a refund.

General Support

A. You can contact us on the Contact Us page for any concerns you may have.

A. We will contact you for every order for confirmation and to provide you with a tracking number.

A. You can subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email on our home page.

A. You can use your tracking number on the tracking page to locate your item and estimate how long delivery will take. It may have been delayed at customs or at postals.

A. We will refund you if your request for a refund is approved. However, it can take some time for the refunded balance to be seen in your account.

A. We will give you a tracking number within maximum 2~3 business days after you place your order which you can use on the tracking page on our website.

A. We will help with the return process. Please contact us at, and we will send you a return shipping label if your return is accepted.

If you cannot find the answers you want to know

A. You can message us on the Contact Us page on the upper left side of the website, or you can email us directly on .

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